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Our Story

MPPL provides customers with plastic moulded components required in automotive sector. We have technical and manufacturing expertise required for plastic injection moulding. A manufacturing company that has specialized in manufacturing injection moulded products since the 1990s, recognized with exceptional knowledge and outstanding product quality.

It all begins with our quality management method. There’s a lot of focus on doing things right the first time. We put extra efforts in maintaining right quality during every stage right from procurement to manufacturing to post moulding and dispatch. We are committed to staisfy requirements and provide defect free injection molded components to our customers. We achieve this through continuous improvement in our operations and quality management system.

Why Choose Us

To create value for our clients by offering one-stop manufacture solutions guaranteeing seamless and excellent manufacturing services.

Over 96 Experiences
98% Client Satisfaction
Evolved over the years
Professional Services
Safety And Reliability
Various versions have.

Our Partners

We have formed alliances with leading solution and technology partners to provide you with innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by your needs.

Our Management

Mr. Nitin Mulay
M.E. Mechanical
Mr. Kiran Mulay
M.Tech. Mechanical